Reliable protection in case of a component failure

Containment and burst protection systems for high-speed machines and systems



Continous-flow machines, generators and gears are often operated at high rotation speeds. In the case of a component failure, persons and material in the direct vicinity must be protected by suitable protective equipment against the effects of an uncontrolled escape of debris.


Bavaria Armor Solutions GmbH implements individually customized burst protection systems:


  • Encapsulation of transmission test stands and machine tools
  • Containers for turbine test stands
    • Blade-off protection
    • Rotor burst protection
  • Holistic burst protection solutions e.g. according to DIN ISO 21940-23 Protection class D
    • Risk analysis with high energy impact
    • Individual burst protection solutions even with impact > 10 MJ
    • Verification on experimental and numerical procedures according to the current state of science and technology