Products for military and civilian protection

Ballistic Protection (KE, IED / Mine)


  • Pre-finished components
  • Technologies
  • Composite armor
  • Transparent protection

Security doors and rooms


  • Your personal safety room - customized for your individual safety requirements
    • fire-resistant > FB4
    • anti-burglary> RC3
    • CE marking
  • Protective doors in plastic design
    • lighter and thinner than comparable doors of competitors
    • avaiable with optically high-quality surfaces
    • CE marking 

Containments (burst protection)


Containments for high-speed machines protect persons and material in the immediate vicinity from the effects of an uncontrolled withdrawal of debris.


  • Encapsulation of transmission test stands and machine tools
  • Containments for turbine test stands
    • blade-off
    • rotor burst
  • High-energy impact> 10 MJ possible 

Mine and IED safe stowage systems


  • Lightweight construction through choice of materials and shaping
  • Flexibly usable e.g. for the storage of equipment, personal equipment or supplies
  • Prepared for the installation of the communication systems GP 80 / SEM 90, SVFuA and KommServer of the Bundeswehr.
  • Simple installation thanks to universal attachment concept.
  • Customizable
  • No further vertification is required for occupant safety within the integration. 

Vehicle protection concepts


  • Creation of vehicle-specific protection concepts
    • All-round protection (protection against projectiles and IED threats)
    • Occupant protection (mine and IED protection)
  • Construction of protective components
  • Design and manufacture of vehicle segments for ballistic tests
  • Conduct of ballistic tests and verification