Security doors and rooms

The security room in your own home – customized for your personal security needs


The safety room has been developed as a kit and has been thoroughly tested in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations.

The kit contains a safety door and a protection plate system with all necessary connecting elements. This can create a high protected room in every apartment.

By simply closing the door, this space provides immediate protection for life and limb in the case of domestic bulgaries and attacks.


The safety room can be installed in a very short time due to its dry construction method. If it's required it can also be dismantled without any residue. For a change of residence, simply take the room with you.


With the innovative space-in-space concept, you can customize your private protection area.


Protect yourself from physical violence like bulgaries, attacks or kidnapping in your own apartment.


The high safety class has been proven by certified institutes:

  • Protection against burglary according to EURO Norm EN 152
  • Protection of bombardment according to DIN V ENV 1627-1630

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