Ballistic protection is the last step in a comprehensive safety concept

No off-the-shelf solutions – We offer individual protection technologies

Ballistically effective materials are used in the safety technology sector to ensure protection against life-threatening attacks:

  • Armoring of facilities and goods
    • safety doors and safety windows
    • wall covers of protected rooms
    • bank, airport, station and gas station desks/counters
    • protected stockrooms and containers
  • Hardening of vehicles and personal protection equipment
    • armoured vehicles and operator/driver stands
    • transportable protection plate systems
    • ballistic helmets and visors
    • ballistic shields
    • ballistic vests


In addition to the ballistic effectiveness further requirements are often to be considered. Among them:

  • protection against break-ins
  • fire protection and fire-resistance
  • heat and acoustic insulation
  • workability and coating characteristics
  • life span and environmental compatibility


Together with our customers we develop tailor-made, high quality protection solutions, at low weight and costs for every application.

Ihr Partner für ballistischen Schutz - kompetent und innovativ

Konzepte und Technologien für geschützte

  • Landfahrzeuge,
  • Wasserfahrzeuge,
  • Luftfahrzeuge,
  • Bauten,
  • Güter.

Berstschutzsysteme und Containments für schnell-laufende Maschinen und Anlagen.


Your Partner for Ballistic Protection - Competent and Innovative

Concepts and technologies for protected

  • Vehicles,
  • Vessels,
  • Aircraft,
  • Buildings,
  • Goods.

Burst protection systems and containments for fast running machines and plants.