Materials and Components for Safety Technology

Our customers

Our customers are providers of products and services for the protection of public and private safety-relevant areas such as:

  • police buildings and courts
  • banks and hotels
  • security areas at airports, stations and harbours
  • night desks of pharmacies, outpatient clinics and gas stations
  • shooting ranges
  • protected ship cabins
  • panic rooms
  • buildings and apartments of people with high protection requirements

Ballistic protection is an integral component of a comprehensive safety concept

We supply materials and components and integrate these into an existing safety concept where ballistic protection is required.

They can, for instance, be applied in:

  • burglar-resistant doors and windows
  • explosion-resistant structures
  • fire doors and fire-resistant casings
  • thermal insulation

and other safety-relevant components.


The materials which are specifically tailored to customer’s protection requirements meet international ballistic standards such as STANAG, NIJ, VPAM and others. The final product is certified by approved testing facilities.


Ihr Partner für ballistischen Schutz - kompetent und innovativ

Konzepte und Technologien für geschützte

  • Landfahrzeuge,
  • Wasserfahrzeuge,
  • Luftfahrzeuge,
  • Bauten,
  • Güter.

Berstschutzsysteme und Containments für schnell-laufende Maschinen und Anlagen.


Your Partner for Ballistic Protection - Competent and Innovative

Concepts and technologies for protected

  • Vehicles,
  • Vessels,
  • Aircraft,
  • Buildings,
  • Goods.

Burst protection systems and containments for fast running machines and plants.