Passive Armor

Protection Against Ballistic Threats – Light and Cost-Effective

Protected vehicles and structures are equally threatened by conventional weapons as well as by attacks withimprovised explosive devices, so-called IEDs and shaped-charge shells, fired from RPGs.

The passive ballistic armor must withstand different threats when under attack:

  • Projectiles locally affect a limited area of the armour system
    • soft and hard-core projectiles fired from infantry weapons
    • shaped-charge shell particles, e. g. from RPG-7 grenades
    • mortar and artillery fire fragments
    • explosively formed projectiles e. g. EFP-IEDs
  • Blast waves of short and long-range detonations affect the whole structure. In the context of such attacks a large number of metallic fragments usually impacts the armoured system in addition to the waves.


For the ballistic protection of military vehicles and facilities we offer cost-effective solutions by using innovative materials.

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Ihr Partner für ballistischen Schutz - kompetent und innovativ

Konzepte und Technologien für geschützte

  • Landfahrzeuge,
  • Wasserfahrzeuge,
  • Luftfahrzeuge,
  • Bauten,
  • Güter.

Berstschutzsysteme und Containments für schnell-laufende Maschinen und Anlagen.


Your Partner for Ballistic Protection - Competent and Innovative

Concepts and technologies for protected

  • Vehicles,
  • Vessels,
  • Aircraft,
  • Buildings,
  • Goods.

Burst protection systems and containments for fast running machines and plants.