Reactive Armor - Protection against Shaped Charges

High Explosive-based Armor

The well-known conventional Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) consist of an explosive layer inside a metal plate sandwich. The sandwich is inclined to the respective direction of fire. The detonation of the explosive layer is triggered by the impact of the shaped-charge shell, pushes apart the steel plates at high speeds and thus degenerates the shaped charge. The ERA significantly reduces the efficiency of shaped-charge shells, it is - however - not suited to completely compensate it. Therefore, reactive armor is usually used in combination with an additional passive protection system.

The disadvantage of conventional ERA is that the immediate surroundings are put at additional risk due to the fragmentation of the steel plates. Individuals in the vehicle’s proximity are thus often more endangered by the armor system than by the fire itself.


Modern reactive armor systems dispense with metallic plates and - unlike classical ERA systems - therefore do not produce ballistically effective fragments. These metal-free reactive armor systems are currently the optimum solution against shaped-charge threats both in terms of effectiveness and weight.


 The technology of reactive armor is configurable to fullfill specific requirements.

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